Durex Play Real Feel Gel 50ml


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Durex Play Real Feel Gel 50ml – The pleasure lubricant gel provides a natural silky sensation for both partners. It features soft silky silicone-based, does not dry easily and a small amount is sufficient for longer without having to stop to apply again, making it enjoyable sex.

The pleasure gel Durex Play Real Feel helps in cases of vaginal dryness or close contact, creating a more enjoyable experience for both.

Instructions for use
Remove the cap, then turn the pump to open, press lightly and gently apply the lubricant in erogenous areas. Repeat as often as you wish.

The pleasure lubricant gel Durex Play Real Feel Gel can if used in combination with condoms, apply the condom when it is worn. The lubricant is in no way is a contraceptive and contains spermicidal substances.
It can be used in vaginal, anal and oral intercourse.

Content: 50 ml


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